Our Mission

Our mission is to teach computational thinking and computer science to elementary through high school students in the context of the performing arts -- programming NAO humanoid robots to perform theatrical skits. By integrating the arts and the sciences, we are developing innovative ways to encourage girls with high math and verbal abilities to engage in computer science and technology-related fields. With traditional education methods, these talented girls are likely to bypass STEM fields completely.

Our Projects

In partnership with the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, we have developed one-week summer programs for elementary and middle school students. We are in the process of expanding our programs to include high school students, and we are also bringing these programs to Portland, OR and Santa Cruz, CA.

We are also working with K12 educators to incorporate these robots into social science classes .

Get Involved

There are many ways to help our project succeed. You can share our project with your schools and communities, attend our performances, volunteer to help us run our programs, sponsor a student to attend a program, or help us raise funds to purchase and maintain our robots.

This is a community-inspired project, and your involvement matters to us. Every contribution of time and/or financial support, regardless of size, will help our project succeed! Feel free to contact us for more details on how to get involved.